Green Homes Grant Scheme Cleveleys

While 2020 has been a difficult year for many people the reveal of the Green Homes Grant Scheme Cleveleys does offer some extra help and support for landlords and homeowners. However, it’s important to note that we don’t know everything about the scheme right now.

But, let’s look at what we do know, shall we? First of all, the Green Homes Grant Scheme Cleveleys is designed to help make homes more energy-efficient. If you are classed as low-income under the scheme it can cover up to £10,000 and the 100% total cost.

However, if you aren’t classed as low-income then it can only cover up to £5000 and cover a maximum of two-thirds of the total cost. We don’t know what exactly is covered either under the umbrella of “energy-efficiency” but, we do know you’ll need a quote from an authorised installer.

The Green Homes Grant Scheme Cleveleys will open for applications in September and you can apply directly on the Simple Energy Advice website. We’ll bring you more news about the Green Homes Grant Scheme Cleveleys as it’s revealed.

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is an alternative to double glazing, and it uses three panes rather than just two. Between each pane, a pocket of air or gas is used to create an airlock this helps create an energy-efficient barrier to improve heat retention. It’s estimated that triple glazing is around 50% more effective than double glazing as well.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

If you’re thinking of utilising the Green Homes Grant Scheme Cleveleys then you will likely want to focus on your windows and doors. Window frames that are old or damaged should be replaced with materials like wood or uPVC. Windows can also be glazed to help boost heat retention as well.

Doors are another focal point, if they are damaged or old then replacing them can help make your home/ property more energy-efficient. Doors are measured on the A++ to E scale so simply choosing a door with a high energy-efficient rating will be a big help. Please contact us.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing involves getting an interior window installed in the interior of your home. This effectively gives you two windows and works like double glazing. Plus, as an extra-benefit, it also improves security as well.

While secondary glazing isn’t quite as common as double/ triple glazing it provides many of the same benefits when it comes to improving energy efficiency. For more information about Secondary Glazing check out the Secondary Glazing Blackpool website.



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