Green Homes Grant Scheme Lytham St Annes

Home owners and landlords had some good news with the reveal of the Green Homes Grant Scheme Lytham St Annes. But while the scheme is set to open for applications in September not everything is yet known about it. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what we do know.

The Green Homes Grant Scheme Lytham St Annes is designed to help make properties more energy-efficient. It comes in two brackets if you are classed as low income then it can cover up to £10,000 and the total cost of improvements. However, if you aren’t then it can only cover up to £5000 and two-thirds of the total cost at maximum.

The payment is given in vouchers and you also need to be using an approved installer to do the work. Applications can be made online through the Simple Energy Advice website. Now let’s look at what we don’t know about the Green Homes Grant Scheme Lytham St Annes. We don’t know the exact eligibility requirements or what work will be covered by it.

But it’s fair to estimate most home owners and landlords will be eligible and common energy-efficiency improvements like double glazing will be covered. We’ll bring you more news as it’s revealed by the Government.

Triple Glazing

Since many people will be thinking about ways to make their home/ property more energy-efficient now is a good time to look at triple glazing. This is an alternative to double glazing that works in much the same way.

Three panes are used instead of two and air or gas is used in-between the panes to create an airlock. This helps make your home/ property more energy-efficient and it’s estimated that triple glazing could be up to 50% more effective than double glazing.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

With the arrival of the Green Homes Grant Scheme Lytham St Annes coming soon many people will be looking at their windows and doors. These are some of the main areas when it comes to making your home more energy-efficient.

Changing window frames to make them stronger like using wood or uPVC frames is a great start. When it comes to changing doors, you should look at finding doors with a high energy-efficiency rating. Doors are measured on the A++ to E scale so when it comes to getting new doors look for at least an A grade. Please contact us.

Secondary Glazing

Finally, let’s look at secondary glazing this is a great way to improve energy-efficiency, but many people don’t know about it. Secondary glazing adds another window that opens into the interior of your home. This helps it provide a buffer and boosts heat retention just like double glazing does.

Secondary glazing also provides the benefit of usually being cheaper than double glazing as well. Another great benefit of secondary glazing is it also serves to boost home security. For more information about Secondary Glazing check out the Secondary Glazing Blackpool website.


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