Green Homes Grant Scheme Freckleton

The reveal of the Green Homes Grant Scheme Freckleton provided a big boost to homeowners and landlords. Under the scheme, they will be able to get up to £10,000 in vouchers to put towards making their property more energy-efficient.

So, the Green Homes Grant Scheme Freckleton was certainly good news but we don’t know everything about it yet. Let’s go over what we do and don’t yet know about this new scheme. First of all, it is due to open in September for applicants and you apply directly on the Simple Energy Advice website.

We also, know that the scheme operates on two levels. Low-income homeowners/ landlords can apply for vouchers for up to £10,000 and they can cover the whole cost. However, if you aren’t classed as low income then your vouchers are capped at £5,000 and can only cover a maximum of two-thirds of the total cost.

Only certain installers will be covered by the scheme as well and you must first get a quote from them before applying. Now, what don’t we know? Well, we don’t know the exact eligibility criteria and what work it will actually cover. But we’ll bring you more news about the Green Homes Grant Scheme Freckleton as it’s revealed.

Triple Glazing

So, if you’re thinking about the Green Homes Grant Scheme Freckleton and want to make improvements to your property triple glazing is a great option. Triple glazing works just like double glazing but uses three panes instead of two.

The third pane creates a barrier and has pockets of air or gas in-between it at each side creating an airlock. This helps make your home more energy-efficient and it’s said to be up to 50% more energy-efficient than double glazing.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are often the points where heat escapes your home. If your window frames or door is damaged, worn out, or simply too old then getting them repaired or replaced will help. Materials like uPVC or wood are more effective for ensuring greater heat retention.

When it comes to doors you are best opting for a door that has a higher energy efficiency rating. Many people don’t realise that doors are actually measured on the A++ to E scale. So, simply choosing a door with a high rating will help ensure your home is more energy-efficient. Please contact us.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is an alternative to double/ triple glazing, and it involves adding a new interior window into your home. This works in a similar manner to double glazing and helps improve energy-efficiency.

It also helps improve home security as well thanks to essentially giving you two windows in one. For more information about Secondary Glazing and how it works check out the Secondary Glazing Blackpool website.


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